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Switcheroo    Choose Sides

Another 2017 double-bill of possession drills that this time take place in a large area divided into two zones. This pair of warm-up drills reinforce the idea of finding and staying in space along with close dribbling skills. (Players need to keep their heads up and be aware of all that is going on around them to ensure safety whilst playing).

Past drills of the month are listed here but can also be found on the Drills pages:


July '16 - First to the Ball

August '16 - Pokemon Battle

September '16 - Four Goal Blockeroo

October '16 - Round the Cone  Round the Square

November '16 - Goal Fest

December '16 - Quidditch

January '17 - Cone Rescue  Cone Traders

February '17 - Circle Possession  Circle Knockout

March '17 - End Zone  End Zone 2

April '17 - Gridlock  Pressure Point

May '17 - 5 v 3    5 v 3 + 1

June '17 - Switcheroo   Choose Sides

Be confident to change things and try out new ideas. Some of the best things I've done have been 'on the spot' instinctive changes that just come into my head at the time. I accept the fact that sometimes they might not work in the knowledge that I can always stop and change to doing something else. Trust your instinct that you know what will work best for your team, class or group of players.

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